True innovation: The dermo-cosmetic approach, based on cosmetic genetics, accelerates our genetic potential and activates our genes to improve our skin.

What's Genxskin (Wrinkle Care With Filling Effect) ?

Our skin has lost its balance over time due to various factors. Skin care is intended to regulate the P.H. of the skin, to help clean and tighten the pores.

In order to balance the moisture content of the skin in skin care procedures and to protect against external factors, a complex treatment is generally recommended instead of a single product.


Application Time

In this care, the face and neck are cleaned with cleansing milk and regenerating tonic. Then, the skin is peeling with dry hands. After cleansing the skin with the help of a wet sponge, wrinkle-free creams are applied to the skin and a long, refreshing massage is made.

After the massage, the skin is applied to the face and neck. In the next step, a special mask to remove wrinkles is applied to the face and neck as a thin layer with a brush. The mask remains in the skin for 20 minutes and the patient’s skin is cleared with a sponge immersed in warm water after it is removed.

If necessary, a special serum is applied to the dark spots and areas where excessive coloration occurs. A special cream for wrinkle removal is applied to the forehead lines, nasolabies and crowbar area and the last one is massaged. The cream is then spread over the entire face and the care is terminated.

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