Lip Filler

Filling application is usually used to remove wrinkles and collapses in the face area. These creases and collapses are caused by decreasing support materials.

What’s Filling?

The amount of Hyaluronic acid, which protects the moisture in the skin and makes it look more alive and younger, starts to decrease as the age increases. The most important feature of hyaluronic acid is abundant water retention. Naturally, the aging skin increases water loss, resulting in deep and permanent wrinkles.

Filling application is usually used to remove wrinkles and collapses in the face area. These creases and collapses are caused by decreasing support materials. Especially in the mouth corner sagging, to remove wrinkles on the nose, to fill the cheekbones, fill the pit pores, lips plump and the contour of the aesthetic filling applications are the first choice to clarify. Also in recent years, the application of filler is often preferred for shaping the nose and jaw without plastic surgery.


Destroy the lines descending from the edge of the nose (nasolabial lines)
Destroying the lines between the nose and the mouth (Philtral lines)
Plump lip, remove corners and destroy radial lines around
Camouflage eye bags and potholes to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes
Destroy the lines on the forehead
Remove eyebrows
Deleting acne traces
Correcting deformities caused by accident or trauma
Plumping cheeks and cheekbones
To give volume to the jaw and to clarify the corner of the jaw
Nose surgery
Correct some asymmetries in the body

Application Time

Hyaluronic acid and the patient’s own fat tissue are used as fillers. Anesthetic cream may be applied to the area to be treated before injection. Tissue fillers are manufactured as ready to use inside the injector. A fine-tipped needle is applied to the area where it is planned to be treated by injecting the appropriate dose of tissue filler. The application period lasts between 15-20 minutes on average. Patients are advised to apply short-term ice after injection. There are no serious side effects after the application. Even on the day of the application, the patient can continue his / her daily life and activities in the same way. The effectiveness of the treatment manifests within 5-7 days, while its effect lasts for 6-12 months on average.

Under eye fillings are an effective method used in the treatment of bruising and under-eye. One week after light filling is applied to the area complained of under the eye, there is a reduction in enlightenment and tired appearance under the eye. The advantage of this filling is that it looks natural and does not cause edema in the eye. The effect lasts an average of 12 months.

Two days after the filling process is not heavy sports. For a certain period of time, swimming pool, solarium, sauna, baths, laser treatments, hairdresser, skin care, dental treatment (for lip filling), alcohol consumption, excessive hot bath and face is not recommended to lie. It is useful to relax at home and lie on your back. Light weight massages can be performed with expert advice.

In people with extreme acne and lip areas in the facial region, no application is made to the relevant areas. FDA-approved products prove reliability. Since it is a temporary application, it is excreted safely from the body within 9-12 months on average.

Although the procedure seems to be a simple injection, patient complaints and requests must be evaluated by a qualified physician in order to determine the most appropriate treatment options before the procedure.

Who Can Be Applied To

Filling should not be applied during pregnancy and during lactation.
In patients with active infection in the field of application (inflammation, wounds and herpes etc.)
Keloidal and hypertrophic scar (in patients with a history of poor wound healing)
Patients with autoimmune diseases (polymyositis / dermatomyositis)
Immunodeficiency diseases (defense system disorders)
Antibiotics may be present in the course of some fillers. Care should be taken in patients with drug allergies.
Some preparation of fillers may include painkillers such as Lidocaine. Caution should be exercised in hypersensitivity to lidokaine.


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