smoker line wrinkle treatment with plasma

It is an easy and effective treatment option that can be done only with local anesthetic creams and recovery in a short time, pain and pain after the operation without any problem and side effects.

What's Smoker Line Wrinkle Treatment With Plasma?

Lips above the lips. Smoking is more pronounced and intense. Although it is not easy to eliminate these lines with applications such as fillings, botox, their effects are also short. Recently, plasma technology, which lasts longer and takes better results, is more preferred because of its advantages.

Plasma energy is the result of the conversion of nitrogen and water vapor which are gaseous in the environment to the plasma with high energy. The ion cloud formed by the interaction affects the skin surface and provides very fast regeneration.

Smoker Line Treatment with Plasma is an easy and effective treatment option that can only be performed with local anesthetic creams and improvement in a short time, such as pain and pain, without any problem and side effects after the procedure.


Botox etc. Although some of the eyelids and sags on the eyelids can stay. This is a method that can be preferred at a young age. Plexr also offers low age eyelids and appropriate cases without age-related solutions. Despite the use of a variety of cosmetics, medicines and lasers against stains that are a problem in their own right, they cannot be obtained. Plasma energy with Plexr is a single session in superficial spots, and in deep and dermal spots it can be a solution in two or three sessions. As with all stain treatments, you need to use a very good sunscreen. Plexr also has advantages in terms of patient comfort with the fact that it can be done only with local anesthetic creams and provides recovery in a short period of time and problems such as pain and pain after the procedure. The lack of a side effect is another point.

Application Time

The number of sessions and the number of sessions required to eliminate wrinkles varies completely with the condition of the person and the wrinkles, but in general it is possible to get rid of marks and wrinkles between sessions 1 to 3 times a month. Since it has no side effects, it also offers the option to be applied when needed, depending on the situation of the problem.

Who Can Be Applied To

Depending on age and condition, it is a good treatment alternative with an average of 1-2 years. Applicable without gender difference.


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