hair mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy is the process of direct injection of vitamins, minerals, keratolytic agents, amino acids and surface expanders to the scalp.

What’s Hair Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a method of injecting minimal doses administered intradermally to the problematic region. The word mesotherapy is derived from the Greek words “im meso” and therapy “Mez”. Here, the word “mezo” refers to the mesoderm layer.

Hair Mesotherapy is the process of direct injection of vitamins, minerals, keratolytic agents, amino acids and surface expanders to the scalp.

Drugs applied and needles cause irritation in the area. This leads to the accumulation of blood, the depletion of previously accumulated blood, and the penetration of all the scalp into the blood. In this way, the hair strands are fed from the roots and energized.

If the hair mesotherapy is done as often as the doctor recommends, there will be little blood vessels and this will make the feeding di continuous Saç. In other words, while the practice basically gives the hair follicles what they need, on the other hand, it increases the blood vessels of the region and the blood holding skills of the vessels.


Significantly reduces hair loss.

Thickens the hair follicles.

Extends the life of the hair.

Makes the hair look brighter, lush and voluminous.

As the hair follicles that are asleep are stimulated, they rise to the scalp and become visible hair strands.

It protects the color of the hair, so the hair whitening is delayed.

Since the hair loss of the patient is markedly reduced, procedures such as hair transplantation are usually performed in the future or there is no need for treatment.

Hair Mesotherapy, hair loss, hair loss before or after the current hair, want to be protected, hair loss, loss of volume, lost the brightness of the difference, dye or similar processes, burning hair, excess hair and work exposed, hair extended, easy to break can meet the needs of 90% of people who experience fast hair loss due to diet, pregnancy or chemotherapy. This practice is highly preferred since hair transplantation cannot be performed especially in women. However, there are of course also patients who have had progressive hair loss and cannot be controlled by mesotherapy.

Application Time

An ideal hair mesotherapy procedure is 5 stages. The lack of any of these stages results in a lack of effect.

Hair mesotherapy can be applied with different protocols. If you have an active hair loss, you need to stop hair loss first. This practice consists of 4 sessions, mostly performed once a week. If necessary, the number of sessions can be increased. 6 or rarely 8 sessions may be required. The time between sessions should not be longer than 3 days and more than 10 days. The current state must be preserved after hair loss is controlled. For this purpose, it is recommended to perform 4 sessions per year (in seasonal passes) with 3 months intervals.

The effectiveness of mesotherapy is 8-10 times higher than the hair and scalp products.

Who Can Be Applied To

Those with hair loss
Those who want to protect their existing hair before or after hair transplantation
Thinning hair, patients who realize weakness
Patients who notice that their hair has lost luster and volume
Family with severe hair loss

Family with hair loss due to hair loss in the family
Those who suffer from short-term hair loss due to intense stress
Due to any process applied to the hair (such as dyeing of hair or burning during the hairdresser’s operation),
The problem of late elongation of hair
Easy hair breakage, dimmed and neglected
In the event that the hair cannot be recovered after overfilling, dyeing etc.
Patients who experience rapid hair loss by diet
Patients who want to compensate for hair loss after pregnancy
Patients who want to compensate for the loss of hair due to any treatment (eg chemotherapy)


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