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What Is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is an aesthetic surgical operation performed in order to restore the cast or dilute hair. In fact, the procedure is an autologous (transplantation) tissue transplantation, which is the basis of plastic surgery. The main purpose of plastic surgery is to improve the appearance of the individual, thus bringing the individuals who are in harmony with himself and his environment to society. Hair transplantation is one of the most basic operations that serve this purpose.

Hair, beard and mustache deficiencies, as the material for the repair / cultivation of these areas again used hair follicles are used in the hair region. For this reason, the scope of hair transplantation included the cultivation of eyebrows, beard and mustache cultivation.

It is widely used in our country. The same standard rules must be applied throughout the country. Hair transplantation is primarily a surgical procedure and all surgical procedures must be followed step by step.

Benefits Of Hair Transplantation

Appearance After Hair Transplantation

The importance of healthy and bushy hair after hair transplantation is undeniable. We don’t even like the shape of our hair; we can not look at the mirror when our hair is poured. After the hair transplantation, we begin to make up with the mirrors.

We enjoy our shining new hair because of the grafts that are taken from the healthy hair follicles in the donor region. We feel younger, more attractive and more glamorous. With this change, our self-confidence is reduced by our spilled hair. The difference in our self-confidence is the difference in every aspect of our lives.

Hair Transplantation Provides Final Solution

It is known that hair masks are cosmetic products that are thought to make their hair thickened and those herbal recipes claiming to have removed hair do not provide a definitive solution to hair loss.

Hair masks and herbal cures applied before the hair is shed can prevent hair from spilling. However, there is no product that removes the spilled hair. If the hair is shed, this problem can only be overcome by hair transplantation.

Special planning is made for the patients who want to add hair, the amount of hair to be planted is determined, the quality of the hair follicles in the donor area is checked and operations are performed in a way that does not leave a question mark.

Most Natural Results Can Be Taken With Hair Transplantation

People who are interested in hair transplantation methods are worried about the naturalness of their images. They think that hair transplantation will be artificial and new appearances will stand out. First of all, we want to say that this is a wrong idea.

Before the hair transplantation, each patient is given separate planning and thanks to the development of hair transplantation techniques, the new hair is in perfect harmony with the appearance. No artificial or disturbing images occur.

We can easily state that one of the biggest advantages of hair transplantation is to achieve natural results.

Sick Angle During Hair Transplantation

Patients do not suffer when applying hair transplantation methods. Local anesthesia is applied to the area to be transplanted and the patient does not feel any discomfort during the procedures.

All procedures are completed in one or several sessions in line with the width of the area to be transplanted, and the patient has no problem if he/she is careful in his / her daily life.

Patients who follow the instructions of the doctors and perform the proper care of the scalp are able to recover in a short time.

Hair Transplant Offers Long-Term Cost Advantage

People who use their hair use different products to make their hair healthier. They may even spend a high amount of money on these cosmetics or chemical products, thinking that their hair will come out.

It should be kept in mind that the number of people who are under the influence of misleading advertisements is very high, especially when information pollution is dominant. When hair transplantation methods are applied, patients pay once and then only apply the methods applied by everyone to improve hair health. They do not need to spend additional money and they can prevent their spending on their hair at once.

Choosing the Right Choices for Success

If you want to have hair transplantation and the advantages of hair transplantation methods, you should select the hair transplantation specialists and hair transplantation centers carefully.

You should take into consideration the hygiene standards of the centers and the past achievements of the experts. You should not trust the organizations that claim to have healthy and bushy hair in a very short time.

Who Can Be Applied?

Age is not a factor that prevents or restricts hair transplantation. Ideally, the person should have hair growing effectively in the donor parts in order to sufficiently fill the existing or future balding areas. The texture of the hair, whether it be thick or thin, are factors that affect the success of hair transplantation

Application Time

STEP 1: Decision Making and Correct Timing

The first stage in the process leading to hair transplantation is the process of decision making. When a person’s hair loss starts to affect their social, psychological and private lives intensely, the person who experiences hair loss increases the search for solutions.

The process of deciding on hair transplantation comes to the fore when it is recognized that hair loss is an irreversible and increasing type of shedding.

STEP 2: Doctor Selection

The most important issue for the person who decides to have a hair transplant is the choice of doctor. Your doctor is the person you choose, who will give you the right information about your hair transplantation which requires intensive experience and dexterity and which will provide you with results that are appropriate for your expectations.

Hair transplantation operations are micro-surgical operations that should be performed only by doctors in hospitals and surgical medical centers, where sterile conditions are properly provided.

Make sure that your hair transplant person is a doctor with a diploma. Unfortunately, people who still do not have any health education are able to do hair transplantation under the name of hair transplantation specialist. It must be authorized by the Ministry of Health. Another important point in choosing a doctor is whether your hair transplant doctor will perform the operation. Make sure that your hair transplantation operation, which is a long-lasting and laborious operation, will be performed by your doctor, not by a nurse or assistant.

In our country, especially in recent years, the popularity of hair transplantation was a rapidly growing area. In terms of physician selection, the number of options for big cities is increasing day by day. Choosing the right one among these options is becoming more and more difficult with the advertisements. After your research, you should have a direct interview with a few hair transplant doctors.

Another factor that can help you to choose your hair transplant doctor is to feel comfortable with your hair transplant doctor and to ask all your questions easily.

STEP 3: Pre-Interview

Hair treatment, hair loss and degree of hair transplantation, the quality of the donor area is the factors that affect hair transplantation success. The importance of the pre-interview in hair transplantation comes into play here.

Although the photos taken from various angles prior to the pre-interview can be used to obtain an average idea, remember that you need to talk to your doctor one-on-one to ensure that you have a healthy and clear diagnosis of the condition of the hair.


Operation Preparation

Your hair transplantation operation should be carried out by a medical team of at least 4 people and by your doctor in a hospital or medical center that can fully fulfill your surgical conditions.

You are welcomed by your consultant at the time specified for the operation. In the waiting and resting area, a short consultation is carried out for the final hair transplant planning, last reminders about hair transplantation and some controls are performed. After informing the information, the necessary information for the operation is filled in.

Hair Transplant Planning Stage

The doctor examines the facial anatomy of the person and determines the most suitable front hair line by analyzing the individual’s hair density, opening and face shape together with your wishes. Then, your doctor determines the boundary points that will determine the distribution of the anterior hairline and graft, and some markings are made on your head with the pen.

The patient’s wishes, age and face shape are very important in the hair transplantation planning stage. The closest to the patient’s wishes and the planning of the aesthetic shape is done by your doctor.

In case of necessity before the operation, according to the request of the doctor, the patient is taken to the hair cutting section and his hair is shaved. (In some special cases hair can be shaved without shaving.)

When the operation time is reached, the patient who is dressed in a surgical gown is taken to the operation room.

STEP 5: Considerations After Operation

Do not drive for the first 12 hours.

First 3 days, do not wash your hair. Afterwards, avoid the hot water and pressure, and do not dry your head with a towel.

Use the medication given to you regularly and on a regular basis.

Do not use alcohol in the first week.

In the first 10 days, stay away from tiring activities.

Stay away from panic and stress as it can prevent hair follicles from holding.

Stay away from sunlight, ball games and sea activities for at least two months.

Avoid the pressure and bumps of the sowing area. Protect the area with a hat that is not too tight.

During the healing period do not scratch the hair.

Do not use hair spray or gel for the first 2 months.

Keep in mind that compliance with these rules is important in terms of keeping your hair follicles, prolonging the desired direction and shortening the healing process

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