It provides successful solutions to the need for tightening and recovery after pregnancy. Provides a general improvement in the appearance of cracks in different parts of the body and caused by different causes.

What Is Velashape?

VelaShape III is a single session protocol that can correct cellulite and shape the body with regional thinning. It ensures striking results without disrupting the daily flow of your life or giving you a significant discomfort. It provides successful solutions to the need for tightening and recovery after pregnancy. Provides a general improvement in the appearance of cracks in different parts of the body and caused by different causes.

The secret of VelaShape; is the first and only technology to combine elos technology with vacuum and tissue manipulation to reduce the appearance and volume of fat tissues.

The FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) approved system, the most powerful device in its class, is able to effectively heat the tissue from three millimeters to 15 millimeters deep, combining ultraviolet rays, bi-polar radio frequency waves and mechanical vacuum technologies. Infrared rays, combined with bi-polar radio frequency and vacuum combined power technology, allow deep heating of collagen fibers beneath the connective tissue surrounding the fat cells and their environment. Circulation is accelerating, lymphatic drainage and cell metabolism is increasing in speed. Skin cells are beginning to produce more collagen and fibroblasts. With these effects, a restructuring process begins. Result; In a few sessions, skin tightening, recovery and a clear improvement in the appearance of cellulite and a noticeable increase in the quality of the skin.

VelaShape III Which Regions Are Applied?

Although this procedure is most common in the hip, leg and abdomen regions, it provides a safe and effective treatment for the whole body with two applicators designed for large and narrow areas in the VelaShape device.

How Many Centimeters And In Which Areas?

After the application, approximately 2.5 cm thinning was observed in the abdomen of the customers and 1.5 cm in the legs. Our patients stated that there was an average of 1-3 cm thinning in the treated area. In a study conducted with a group of newborns, 97 patients were reported to be extremely satisfied with the results.

What Should I Do To Ensure The Permanence Of The Results?

After the sessions are completed, the applications you will make periodically will ensure that the results are permanent. Of course, the right choice of life is one of the factors determining the permanence of the results. Paying attention to your diet and exercising will make the results last longer.

Is This Treatment Suitable For Me?

This application is suitable for almost everyone. You can even try this treatment to improve skin quality, which is highly effective in alleviating regional thinning, tightening and appearance of cellulite. Some of our customers are not satisfied with their bodies even when they are weak and have no cellulite problems. This is due to the loss of the skin and VelaShape III is extremely effective in this regard.

Is The Applied Transaction Safe?

The FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) has confirmed that this application is suitable for all skin types and that there are no adverse effects. Studies have shown that there are no short or long term side effects.

Would I Feel Pain During Application?

Almost all of our patients find the procedure extremely comfortable and comfortable. In fact, many likens this process to a warm deep tissue massage that makes them feel good. The most important feature of VelaShape technology is that it considers the patient’s skin sensitivity and comfort level when designing. After the session, it is very normal for the patient to feel the temperature in the treated area.

What Kind Of Difference Will I See In ValeShape?

In the ValeShape treated area, the skin appears more firmly and this firmness is noticeably felt by the patient. In some cases, redness may occur for several hours on the skin. Although very rare, sensitivity can be observed in the treated area. These are temporary conditions.

What Are The Advantages Of VelaShape III Technology?

First of all, VelaShape III is the only non-surgical technology approved by the FDA in the area of regional thinning. Unlike other methods that use infrared rays, vacuum, and mechanical messages, only VelaShape III can provide clinically proven results, efficacy and safety.

How Long Does The VelaShape III App?

Depending on the area being treated and how many areas are to be treated, it may take a minimum of 60 minutes to 120 minutes. To maintain the results, it should be repeated at regular intervals during the year.

VelaShape III and UltraShape are a true pair that is complementary to non-surgical regional thinning, body contouring, cellulite and those looking for solutions to similar problems.


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